Technical Buys and Sells can help stock traders and investors to make logical, rule-based buy/sell/add-on decisions for a select portfolio of trending US stocks - andat a very modest cost.


About Technical Buys and Sells

My name is Donald W. Pendergast Jr. and I'm a technical analyst/chart reader and system builder; I made my first trade in 1979 and have written more than 1,400 technical analysis, trade idea and system development articles for major financial markets publications such as Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Traders and since 2008.


My Technical Buys and Sells service will help provide you with objective, rational and highly usable/scalable technical buy/sell/add-on signals for a select portfolio of US stocks - at a ridiculously low price that will keep you as a client for years to come.  For only $49 per month you will be entitled to the next set of daily buy/sell/add-on trading signals for our portfolio of US stocks via email. Here are a few of the stocks we are currently tracking in the portfolio, although other attractive stocks can and will also be tracked once they give  our preferred buy/sell signals:


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This includes:

1. Initial buy/sell alert and initial stop loss price.

2.  Updates of any 'add-on' signals, scale-out signals and trailing stop levels.

3. Final exit signal.

4. A weekly 'big picture' analysis and commentary on the broad US markets, where I will help you stay one step ahead of the investing 'herd' as I offer my objective, unbiased views on the things you need to know before the markets prepare for their next tradable swing.

You can use these signals as a valuable, objective research tool, trade them, tweak them; whatever fits your trading/investment style best. For the modest cost of $39 per month you will be hard pressed to find a better stock research and signals  service - anywhere. Give me a try and I am sure you will remain a client for the rest of your trading/investing career! Why get confused by the ever changing riptides and waves of an unpredictable market? Subscribe to Technical Buys and Sells today and we will be your 'lighthouse' in the midst of the powerful uptrends and downtrends that regularly appear in many US stocks.

A recent example of a winning hypothetical buy signal:

5/28/14: Long Alcoa Inc. (AA) 1/3 position @ 13.46

6/6/14: Long Alcoa Inc. (AA) 2/3 position @ 13.95

7/11/14: 20% Add-on signal Alcoa Inc. (AA) @ 15.64

8/1/14: Final exit signal Alcoa Inc. (AA) @ 16.26

Net hypothetical gain, excluding commissions and slippage: 16.82%

And another winning hypothetical short trade signal:

4/25/14: Short VXX @ 41.82

7/25/14: Buy to cover VXX @ 28.48

Net hypothetical gain, excluding commissions and slippage:  39.81%

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Once I have this info, I will send you a PayPal invoice for $39.  Your signals and updates will be on their way to you via email once I receive payment.  You will be given a daily update on every stock signal in the portfolio, for the life of each particular signal - from initial entry to final exit and everything in between. Your email address will only be used to provide you with our high-quality stock signals. I look forward to serving you for years to come with my Technical Buys and Sells service.

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Our Commitment

Technical Buys and Sells cannot - and will not - give you specific trading/investing advice for your account, but will provide you with the latest and most effective stock trading signals of which we are capable of producing for daily and weekly based traders and investors. Technical Buys and Sells also devotes a portion of net profits toward spreading the Gospel of Christ, worldwideTechnical Buys and Sells  exists for the sole purpose of glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ as it seeks to provide the highest quality stock market signals to our valued clients.


Trading and investing in stocks or other financial instruments is risky and only risk capital should be used; always consult with your trusted legal, financial or accounting advisors before making any trade based on the objective technical analysis/stock signals provided by Technical Buys and Sells. Past performance including hypothetical trade results are intended for educational purposes only and are not offers to buy or sell any given stock or financial instrument.You alone are responsible for your trading decisions and trading results. We cannot be responsible for computer, email, internet or other kinds of potential disruptions or outages that could delay signal delivery. Thank you for your patronage.